The Holy Spirit, Your Friend: The Comforter!

  You know what, too often in life people can find themselves getting caught-up doing things that are contrary to what God Almighty really desires.

     I must admit that I’ve been there and have searched and searched for solutions to get back into God’s Will… But the great news is that the Lord has provided a solution for our daily struggles because He has gifted Christians with a built-in GPS System –called the Holy Spirit…

With Him, God’s pathway is easy to find once we allow Him in and pay close attention to His guidance.

     I’m really happy to have such a gift. The Holy Spirit is a Helper, Comforter, Teacher and so much more. He is good about informing us about the path that we are walking.

     So, use His advice, urging and plans! He’s available, willing and ready as a free gift from God. With true confession of your mouth, belief in your heart of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ and the symbolic baptism He is available to you. Just know that the Holy Spirit Loves you and is Always Ready to Direct the Traffic of Your Life.

Have a Blessed Day Saints… ~M. Carter