I Had Fun Writing This One…

By, Melony F. Carter
July 2, 2015

He Is the Reason Why I Can Meekly Say that I have the Courage to Try,
It’s because He Constantly Lifts Me Up that I know I Have A Best Friend For Life…

With Him I Don’t Have to Question, if I’m Loved and/or Blessed,
Only because He Provides a Source of transparency that is filtered and cleared of the Mess…

He Helps to Guide me, Build Me Up and Gives Me the Encouragement that I Need to Succeed,
Without knowing it; but on Purpose He is the Motivation that I Glean.

With a Sincerity of Love and Dedication He Enables Me to Stand,
With Him I’m Absolutely, Astoundingly; Hopeful to Encounter the Rest of Gods Amazing Plan…

I’m no Fool,… and I do Realize that Most People Would Just Automatically Assume that, ‘She Must Be Talking about Her Jesus Christ!’
Well in the Words of My Heavenly Father, “Raise-Up, and Follow Him for Life…”

The Truth is: this Man that I am Speaking of Deserves My Respect because He’s Called,
Out Of all the Man that Have Attempted; He is the Only One for me — that Stands Tall.

He Covers Me, and Prays for Us; in Reverence and Godly Fear,
It’s Time to Enjoy Real Love; My Love: because prov. 31 is Here…