The First Lady of Song, Ella Fitzgerald


Written by, Melony F. Carter

Picture: Creative Commons
Date: February 27, 2019
Elegant, harmonious, jazz legend; this tribute is for, “The First Lady of Song” Ella Fitzgerald!With a singing career that lasted nearly 50 years, it is no wonder her artistic talent helped her overcome hard times to become an uncompromising, renowned award-winning jazz, swing and scatting musician.

Her Courage

Born in 1918 in Newport News, Virginia Ella Fitzgerald was privy to the jazz era that began in the 1920’s. As this new genre blossomed into a new musical concept its style was established with roots in “Spirituals, blues, field hollers, African rhythms, folk songs, and marches.” As the new form of music developed popularity, Ella would soon become a part of its impact.

In 1934, at the age of 16, ready to showcase her talents; originally Ella had agreed to dance for the first-time during amateur night at Harlem’s own Apollo Theater. But once it was time to entertain the crowd due to a bad case of stage fright Ella had become so nervous that she could not perform her routine. Overwhelmed by the pressure, unrehearsed she had courageously decided to sing instead. Recalling her mother’s tunes by the Boswell Sisters, “Believe it, Beloved” and “Judy”— she sang. Her last-minute decision was brilliant enough to actually win $25 that night gaining her the reputation as a singer.

Afterwards, she continued to enter talent shows singing around town. She eventually landed herself jobs performing in 1934 with saxophonist Benny Carter, and in 1935 she would professionally sing with the Tiny Bradshaw band making $50.

Overcoming Tragedy

Orphaned at the age of 17, by the passing of her mother in 1935, bandleader Chick Webb and his wife Sallye Webb adopted Ella. Overcoming the lost, Ella would soon go on to record her first song with the Chick Webb Orchestra entitled, “Love and Kisses” which opened up doors for various songs like, 1935 and her first hit, “A-Tisket, A-Tasket, Porgy and Bess (1957), and many others. She also toured with the Philharmonic and in 1958 Fitzgerald won a Grammy for her work, The Irving Berlin Songbook.
Today in Honor Of 
Said by Bing Crosby, “Man, women or child, Ella is the greatest singer of them all” today she is still acknowledged as one of the best vocalists in history. To honor her remarkable deeds an excellence, on December 2, 1979 in Washington, D.C., Mrs. Fitzgerald was honored by President Jimmy Carters wife, Rosalynn Carter at the Kennedy Center. In 1987 she was also awarded the National Medal of Arts by Ronald Reagan.

Before she passed away in 1996, she also had the opportunity of working with other jazz musicians such-as Charlie Parker, Duke Ellington and Dizzy Gillespie who is seen here in this infamous photograph gazing at Ella as he is captivated by her singing the song, Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas.

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Benghazi… Was It About An E-mail?

By, Melony Carter

October 26, 2015

4.5 million dollars spent by the United States Republican-led House committee on investigating what really happen during a violent assassination of four Americans in Benghazi, Libya on Sept. 11, 2012. Many speculations regarding this case have involved current Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Rodham Clinton, who at the time was secretary of state. Clinton has been tied to this case because of her continually engaged in governmental conversations through her private e-mail.

As the hearing proceeded on, the committee also learned of over 50,000 pages of documentation that were printed and presented as evidence to Congress. Many of which included some emails from one of the victims, the ambassador and other top State Department personnel. The hearing revealed 7,000 printed pages of emails…

As an American, after all the information had been presented; I, just me, I would personally like to ask just three simple questions. “After all the funding, printed papers and conspiracy theories did anyone actually take the time to see if Hillary Rodham Clinton’s personal e-mail account was hacked? And if so, where is that proof?” So, again I ask, “Was It About An E-mail?”

(UPDATED: 11/6/2015)

Due to the circumstance, it is my due diligence and concern of my self-respect; that I report that on October 26, 2015 at 7:35 AM— the website Tea Party News (IP: , URL: illegally copied and added insolent pictures of Hilary Clinton to my blog post “Benghazi… Was It About An E-mail?” without my permission.

It is of my concern since the original format of this blog post was intentionally written without any political agenda.

So today, November 3, 2015; I would like to formerly announce and release this statement:

“In no way or regard— at this date or time— do I Melony Carter have any affiliation, association or representation of the United States National Tea Party.

This statement, does not indicate that at a later date this will not change. But as of this date, I do not agree with the Tea Party’s standing policies, belief systems and/or political ideologies.

Thank you for your time and patience.”

Sincerely, Melony Carter