Benghazi… Was It About An E-mail?

By, Melony Carter

October 26, 2015

4.5 million dollars spent by the United States Republican-led House committee on investigating what really happen during a violent assassination of four Americans in Benghazi, Libya on Sept. 11, 2012. Many speculations regarding this case have involved current Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Rodham Clinton, who at the time was secretary of state. Clinton has been tied to this case because of her continually engaged in governmental conversations through her private e-mail.

As the hearing proceeded on, the committee also learned of over 50,000 pages of documentation that were printed and presented as evidence to Congress. Many of which included some emails from one of the victims, the ambassador and other top State Department personnel. The hearing revealed 7,000 printed pages of emails…

As an American, after all the information had been presented; I, just me, I would personally like to ask just three simple questions. “After all the funding, printed papers and conspiracy theories did anyone actually take the time to see if Hillary Rodham Clinton’s personal e-mail account was hacked? And if so, where is that proof?” So, again I ask, “Was It About An E-mail?”

(UPDATED: 11/6/2015)

Due to the circumstance, it is my due diligence and concern of my self-respect; that I report that on October 26, 2015 at 7:35 AM— the website Tea Party News (IP: , URL: illegally copied and added insolent pictures of Hilary Clinton to my blog post “Benghazi… Was It About An E-mail?” without my permission.

It is of my concern since the original format of this blog post was intentionally written without any political agenda.

So today, November 3, 2015; I would like to formerly announce and release this statement:

“In no way or regard— at this date or time— do I Melony Carter have any affiliation, association or representation of the United States National Tea Party.

This statement, does not indicate that at a later date this will not change. But as of this date, I do not agree with the Tea Party’s standing policies, belief systems and/or political ideologies.

Thank you for your time and patience.”

Sincerely, Melony Carter



I Had Fun Writing This One…

By, Melony F. Carter
July 2, 2015

He Is the Reason Why I Can Meekly Say that I have the Courage to Try,
It’s because He Constantly Lifts Me Up that I know I Have A Best Friend For Life…

With Him I Don’t Have to Question, if I’m Loved and/or Blessed,
Only because He Provides a Source of transparency that is filtered and cleared of the Mess…

He Helps to Guide me, Build Me Up and Gives Me the Encouragement that I Need to Succeed,
Without knowing it; but on Purpose He is the Motivation that I Glean.

With a Sincerity of Love and Dedication He Enables Me to Stand,
With Him I’m Absolutely, Astoundingly; Hopeful to Encounter the Rest of Gods Amazing Plan…

I’m no Fool,… and I do Realize that Most People Would Just Automatically Assume that, ‘She Must Be Talking about Her Jesus Christ!’
Well in the Words of My Heavenly Father, “Raise-Up, and Follow Him for Life…”

The Truth is: this Man that I am Speaking of Deserves My Respect because He’s Called,
Out Of all the Man that Have Attempted; He is the Only One for me — that Stands Tall.

He Covers Me, and Prays for Us; in Reverence and Godly Fear,
It’s Time to Enjoy Real Love; My Love: because prov. 31 is Here…

The Holy Spirit, Your Friend: The Comforter!

  You know what, too often in life people can find themselves getting caught-up doing things that are contrary to what God Almighty really desires.

     I must admit that I’ve been there and have searched and searched for solutions to get back into God’s Will… But the great news is that the Lord has provided a solution for our daily struggles because He has gifted Christians with a built-in GPS System –called the Holy Spirit…

With Him, God’s pathway is easy to find once we allow Him in and pay close attention to His guidance.

     I’m really happy to have such a gift. The Holy Spirit is a Helper, Comforter, Teacher and so much more. He is good about informing us about the path that we are walking.

     So, use His advice, urging and plans! He’s available, willing and ready as a free gift from God. With true confession of your mouth, belief in your heart of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ and the symbolic baptism He is available to you. Just know that the Holy Spirit Loves you and is Always Ready to Direct the Traffic of Your Life.

Have a Blessed Day Saints… ~M. Carter  

Water Bottle

Water Bottle 2

Written/ Photo By:Joyfilledwords
September 2, 2013
(Inspirational Read)

On Friday, I founded this little reminder of God’s great love inside of my water bottle. Of all places… Can you believe it… The ice is frozen in the shape of a Heart… Which is a nice reminder that God has the ability to do anything that He wants to do!

Whelp… After work on Friday I was feeling good and looking forward to Labor Day, and the three day weekend, when suddenly that same night I found myself starting to get sick… I was coughing, congested and had a runny nose. So, in the morning I went to Quick Care only to find the office was unusually closed that day…

Persistent to feel better I preceded onward to “Plan B” which involved: Soup, Orange Juice, Lemons-Honey-Tea, Medicine and Apple Sauce…

For all my friends, family members, and anyone else who knows me; their very aware of the fact that I don’t like to be sick. So, on Saturday, feeling extremely unhappy about the situation I decided, “Nope, I’m not going to stay sick!” I got up, cleaned up, and even worked out.

The funny part about my three day extravaganza, is that I had my mind all set to watch movies, eat BBQ, and catch up with some Much-Desired-Extra-Relaxation time but the attacks on my body wouldn’t permit it.

For me, it almost felt like I had to work harder not to feel any worst… 

During the next two days everything seemed opposite… When I tried to sleep, my nose got congested. When I tried to eat, I automatically felt full and after I tried to cool down minutes later I began to sweat.

What was I to do???

Determined not to allow this sickness to rule me, I decided to get out of my slump the best way I know how… So I put on all the Praise & Worship music that I could possibly find and started singing as loud as my congested voice would allowing me too until I could hear my normal voice range again… 

And thank God it worked!

Well today is Monday night and thank God I’m feeling so much better. I’m not coughing as much, or even cold. I even got a chance to enjoy some BBQ… 

Overall, even though I got sick in a silly-sort-of-way I feel like I got more accomplished this weekend then I would have done by following my own plan…

I can’t say that I understand it… But hey, that’s life and God allows things to happen for HIS Purpose.

Believe me, I can trust my God, who is even able to place a “Frozen Heart Shaped” reminder in my water bottle to let me know He is always the one in control…

Day 10: Time with the Family

Well I got up this morning and continued my work out but I must admit that today I ate way to many carbohydrates. I made the family fried chicken, corn on the cob, corn bread and mashed potatoes for dinner. I told myself to bake my piece of chicken but instead I ate the whole dinner. I’m not going to let it get me down. Tomorrow I’m going to get back on the treadmil and do my cruches. As for today I’m going to stop worring. For God is going to see me through my entire 20 Day challenge. Be blessed people.

Day 9: Pushing On

You know what the crunches seem to be getting easier, the walking is getting a lot better and the writing is becoming a lot more powerful all because of the presence of God in my life.

He is truly worthy of His praise. I have to say that I am truly happy that I was able to find a site and have the opportunity to share with so many helpful people. I am blessed and God is with me and God is with you too.


Day 7: I am Really Grateful!

It’s Day 7 out of 20 of my first 20 day challenge and for me and I have been exercising continuously for the last three days and I am feeling great!

I’m working out twice a day in the morning and at night and also eating lighter meals with less carbohydrates with more water and juice.

I can do all things through Christ who strengthen me…

I am so happy to report that my exercise routine is in full effect but now I really need to get my writing on board… I have so many great ideas for stories but I just want them to be good. I’m going to have to start incorporating the same mindset that I am using for my daily exercise routines which is to be diligent and to do the right things on purpose…

Pray: Thank you Father God for always being with me and protecting me from harm. I let something go today that had been bothering me for years but you used it today to show me that all along you’ve been with me so thank you! God you are awesome, all powerful and all knowing. Use my gifts and talents to be a light for you to show people all around the world in the name of your son Jesus Christ father God Amen.



Day 6: Living Happier and Finally on Course

Today was another really good day. I’m really feeling positive because I was able to do my exercise routine and accomplish it for the second day in a row. Thank God… I even had a really good talk with several of my family members today. It felt good to get some stuff of my chest, laugh and even to encourage one another to stay strong.

This morning God truly blessed me with the understanding that I should not write material that is against Him. Since He is the most important being in my life I will honor Him with my talents.


Be Brave you can accomplish everything that God told you to do!

So right now I’m going to let you know that when I started I weighted 202 pounds… Ok. I’m pulling out the scale and it says…. 196….. Well by the end of my first 20 Day journey I will be at a healthier 185 pounds just by simply working out and eating right. (Without any pills or supplements) I know that I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.


Day 6 of 20


Pray for today:

Let the Lord watch over us all as we continue to praise His name together in Love. Thank you Jesus Christ for your plans for my life and I thank you for the courage that I now have to stand strong and do your will in Love. In Jesus’ name Amen.

Day 5: Thank you Jesus!

Day 5: Thank you Jesus!

YES I did it… Hallelujah!!! I did it I actually worked out today… Let me tell you why I’m so excited because my plan included getting up at 6:00 a.m. and working out at 7:00 a.m and later that evening at 7:00 p.m.. And I actually did it.

Now it may seem little to some of you but I actually accomplished these three goals so far. I stayed Faithful and that’s what mattered.

Today I accomplished Faith and Works! Hallelujah again!

Goal for tomorrow: Continue my workout regiment, get up early and really begin big details for my book.

Pray Today: Thank you Jesus for allowing me to reach my small goals today. You are an awesome God. Lord you deserve the Highest Praise!!! In Jesus name. Amen.

Day 5 of my first 20 day challenge…